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Sileni Rebrand Launches


Designing the New Look Sileni - Inspired by Nature's Elements

We are proud to introduce a new look for Sileni, both inside and out. We have refined our brands' logo and story to reflect the natural expression of our wines and the lands from which they were crafted.

Sileni Estate was established in 1998, in the Bridge Pa Triangle of Hawke's Bay wine region and has grown over the past two decades into our much-loved and awarded global wine brand. We've continuously developed our philosophies and winemaking techniques to work more harmoniously with the land and with minimal intervention in the cellar. Thus, we decided it was time to refresh our brand to realign with our core values, respecting and reflecting the stunning lands from which our grapes are grown in every glass. The challenges lie in ensuring we honoured our heritage while looking forward.

We felt our previous branding was due a refresh, telling the our story of who we are or where we are from. Over the past 12 months, we've been busy behind the scenes, talking to our much-loved customers around the world and our people to get to the core of Sileni. We uncovered the appreciation and strength in our New Zealand heritage, the quality of our award-winning wines and our icon, the triangle within the circle.

With this insight, we delved deeper to uncover that the shapes within our icon (circle and inverted triangle) are ancient symbols of the sun, earth (circle) and water (inverted triangle). This meaning resonated with us and our mission; from this point, our rebrand was born.

We've introduced a brushstroke style icon that's softer and more relevant to the continuous cycles of the natural elements, creating each vintage. Our new branding is underpinned by a colour palette designed to be bold, distinctive and confident - like our country.

"We are translators of the land, allowing our vineyards to express their unique story.

Balancing elements of terroir - sun, earth and water.
The art of our winemaking philosophy is one of minimal intervention, allowing the bountiful flavours of New Zealand to be expressed authentically.
The story constantly refreshes. We retell it every vintage, each time with its unique nuances."

We thank the people who enjoy our wines, old and new and hope you'll share in our excitement and celebration of this exciting new chapter for Sileni - by raising a glass of your favourite Sileni wine.