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Gravity Cellars & Sileni Wine Club

Welcome to Our Wine Club

Elevating your wine experience.

  • Commitment free
  • A quarterly mixed seasonal selection from our family of wineries
  • Average savings of 25% per case
  • Free delivery
  • 10% discount on all additional wines ordered online or picked-up in Cellar Door

We belong to a family of wineries that extends across the finest wine-growing regions in New Zealand. Whether you enjoy a refreshing Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, a deep Central Otago Pinot, or a rich Hawkes Bay Chardonnay, we've got you covered. Our unique wine club presents a thoughtfully curated seasonal selection of award-winning wines from top regions across New Zealand.

How it works

Choose Your First Case

Whether you fancy a mix, all-red, or all-white assortment, it's your call. Enjoy the laid-back luxury of free delivery and an average saving of 25% off the regular prices.

Dive into a delightful 3, 6, or 12-bottle mix of award-winning wines every three months. We promise you a fixed, friendly price, complete with tasting notes and pairing suggestions. Your initial case will be on its way promptly, ensuring you have a selection of delicious wines to enjoy at home. Subsequent cases will be dispatched at the start of March, June, September, and December, keeping the excitement flowing throughout the year.

Stay in the Loop

Our quarterly newsletter is your friendly heads-up before the next batch. Feel free to tweak your case, adjust bottle numbers, or even take a rain check. It's all in your hands.

No Strings Attached

Enjoy a commitment-free membership. Cancel online, email us or swing by our cellar doors with ease.

Save a Little More

Get a 10% discount on any extra bottles you fancy online or pick up from our cellar doors.

Where Gravity flows, excellence follows.